Ron Hart started taking photographs in 1976 with a Nikon F which was
later replaced by a Nikon F2As.
Much emulsion has passed through the enlarger since that time and the
world has gone digital.

The technology is only a tool and is strictly secondary to making a rendering
of an image for sharing a thought, a mood, or a concept.

The first photographer that I admired was Edward Weston because his compositions
were tight and limited. Since then, through the much appreciated suggestion of Harry Ally
I have come to like the photos by Aaron Suskind.

Harry Ally is not only a brilliant painter, but also a gifted teacher who enjoys helpling
students along by helping them recogize their own styles.

I am coming to the place where my favorite style is to make an abstraction out of
things and places that exist all around that we normally take for granted.

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